4" Round Kate Purse - Shoulder Bag

Item#/SKU: 20091

The Kate purse is a tall 4 inch round Nantucket basket shoulder bag. The basket stands 8 inches tall. The basket is woven in the traditional cane and reed style with cherry wood bases and reed rims. The bag hangs from a cherry leather braided shoulder strap attached with bone knobs and washers. The purse beg is also made of bone. Adorning the top of the basket is a polymer carved flower. Inside the purse top lid is a name engraved ivory quarterboard. A very new look !
Because they are hand-made to order, all baskets take around 8 weeks for delivery. BUT We offer a beautiful gift card with a photo of the basket you have ordered - the inside is blank for a personal message to the recipient stating that the basket is being specially hand woven for them!
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SKU: 20091
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