Facts and Info

We wanted to provide you with some interesting background information, as well as define some terms that might help you when selecting your new Nantucket Lightship Basket:

Lightship - A lightship is a large sea vessel that acts as a lighthouse. They are positioned in waters that are too deep to build a conventional lighthouse. Some lightships are mobile at sea, but most are stationary and serve as markers for marine traffic routes. They are also a valuable tool used to gather data on currents, temperature, and other important aspects of marine travel.

Rattan - Rattan is a plant in the Palm family, native to Asia, Africa, and Australia. It is characterized by long, tough stems, similar to bamboo but with solid, not hollow, stems. It is often used to make furniture and baskets, like the ones you see here.

Scrimshaw - Decorative carvings or engravings made originally by American whalers in the early 1800’s. Scrimshaw was made using bones, baleen, teeth, and ivory from marine animals such as whales and walruses. Use of such materials was banned in the 1970’s. Today’s scrimshaw uses similar-looking, but synthetic materials.

Scrimshander - a maker of scrimshaw