8" Round Purse

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A handmade purse that will hold everything you need

This handmade purse is an interesting variation of the classic Nantucket handbags. The round shape and generous size sets this unique purse apart. The purse is large and deep (8” x 7 ¼”), allowing it to hold a great deal. The authentic, handmade purse is made of cane and reed weaver or darker cherry colored stavesd., and has a cherry wood base and top, giving it the sturdy construction you’d expect from a Nantucket Basket Purse. The handle is also made of cherry wood.

This Nantucket purse can be personalized with your name  engraved on a 3” quarterboard, and can also come with your choice of scrimshaw top decoration. This handmade purse makes a truly unique gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. All of our handmade purses are authentic, original Nantucket Baskets, and can only be found here at Nantucket Basketworks of Cape Cod.

Because they are hand-made to order, all baskets take around 8 weeks for delivery. BUT We offer a beautiful gift card with a photo of the basket you have ordered - the inside is blank for a personal message to the recipient stating that the basket is being specially hand woven for them!
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