7" Ebony Flat Back Shoulder Bag

Item#/SKU: 20092

This is a traditional Nantucket Basket purse with a twist. This is a 7 inch flat back purse that will lat flat against your hip. It is woven in the traditional style but with black staves and regular weavers. The base as well as the solid wood v-cover are made of solid ebony wood. The rims are reed. The purse is adorned with black leather hinges, front closure and braided leather shoulder strap. A very different look and style of a traditional, authentic hand woven Nantucket Basket. A true collectible !
Because they are hand-made to order, all baskets take around 8 weeks for delivery. BUT We offer a beautiful gift card with a photo of the basket you have ordered - the inside is blank for a personal message to the recipient stating that the basket is being specially hand woven for them!
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SKU: 20092
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