Nantucket Backpack - As seen in The NY Times

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Nantucket Backpack - An original design for our handmade tote bags

Tote bags of all shapes and sizes, like this Nanticket Backpack, are the latest thing in Nantucket Baskets, and we have several original handmade tote bag designs. Each handmade tote bag is an authentic, original piece of craftsmanship, designed to be appealing, yet practical, and will last a lifetime. We will also be carrying decorative fabric liners for each size tote bag.

This hand woven, original Nantucket basket is an exciting addition to our handmade tote bag collection. This is a full sized backpack woven in the Nantucket tradition. This basket is 13 1/2 inches tall, 13 1/2 inches long and 8 inches wide. Give yourself a couple of extra hands by loading up this original handmade tote bag. As always, we use traditional cane, rattan, and cherry wood to give this handmade backpack a sturdy design from top to bottom.

Because they are hand-made to order, all baskets take around 8 weeks for delivery. BUT We offer a beautiful gift card with a photo of the basket you have ordered - the inside is blank for a personal message to the recipient stating that the basket is being specially hand woven for them!
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SKU: 802
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Nantucket Backpack - As seen in The NY Times
Nantucket Backpack - As seen in The NY Times